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Professional Dog Walking & Pet Sitting
Gary Swietanski (530) 448-9561

Why Choose Chico Paws and Claws?

I realize you want to be there for your pets 24 hours a day but there are certain times when you just can't.  Let me help you during those times.  I will make sure your pets get the exercise and companionship that you would normally give them.  I can't replace you, but I can make them as happy as possible until you return.

My goal is to provide Chico pet owners with reliable, trustworthy and affordable pet sitting, dog walking and home care services.  I love animals and want to help you care for your pet in any way that I can. Once you are an established client, I will be there for you. If you have an emergency, I will provide pet sitting service for your pets immediately. I attempt to meet all the needs presented by my clients, as varied as they may be. So no matter what you require do not hesitate to call, I will make every effort to provide the pet or home care need you request.

I do my own visits. No need to worry about a pet sitting referral service, rotating employees and independent contractors.   If you are like most pet lovers, you sometimes hate leaving your pets at home during the day while you work or in unfamiliar surroundings when you travel.  Chico Paws and Claws will come to your home to care for your pet and we assure reliable and responsible service. 

Benefits of Chico Paws and Claws Services:

·       A well fed and well exercised pet

·       Allow pets to stay in a familiar environment

·       Minimize disruption of your pet’s routine and diet

·       Limit exposure to illnesses

·       Protect your home during your absence

Chico Paws and Claws is Licensed, Bonded and Insured and will provide professional, loving care to your pets.

My name is Gary Swietanski and I am a dependable dog walker and pet sitter servicing Chico, California.

Please call or email to arrange a consultation.

(530) 448-9561


Chico Paws and Claws is proud to offer:

  • Daily dog walking/running
  • Pet care and attention
  • Waste pick up services
  • Pet in-Home care
  • Pet taxi and errand services
  • Overnight pet sitting
  • Vacation - home care
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